Bamboozle Private Cloud

It’s not “the” Cloud,
it’s your Cloud
The best of virtualization on a 100% dedicated infrastructure.

Our Private Cloud is a unique solution on the market providing the scalability of the Cloud on a 100% dedicated hardware infrastructure.

Our Private Cloud is the result of the best practices for clouds in the market combined with our expertise in running the largest public cloud in the regions. Using Bamboozle’s know-how, the Private Cloud combines the best features of infrastructure in order to provide you with the latest generation of the cloud resolutely designed for professionals.


Do you need to resize your infrastructure quickly to deal with traffic spikes? With Private Cloud, you can add or remove additional resources on demand at any time.


Each Private Cloud infrastructure is 100% dedicated to each customer. The solution complies with the ISO 27001, CSA STAR, SOC I and II type 2 and PCI DSS certifications.


Manage your budget with fixed pricing based on your hardware resources. With Private Cloud, you get unlimited traffic, guaranteed bandwidth, and licenses included.


Resize your infrastructure as you grow and take advantage of express resource delivery in minutes! Combine with our public cloud for even greater flexibility.

Private Cloud done right

Private cloud offers a secure, dedicated environment that only you can access and operate.
When comparing private cloud vs public cloud, with private cloud you get the same benefits of virtualized computing power such as scalability and flexibility, but with much more control, cost efficiency, privacy and security. Just select the compute power, memory, network, and storage packs, that fit your business needs and we’ll combine them into a pool of resources that provides you with a comprehensive suite of private cloud services.

Our private cloud solutions are built on the best platforms in the industry and are ideal for any type of workload – from small websites to large-scale enterprise applications.

Whether you’re considering your first move of on-premises infrastructure to the cloud, looking for secure elasticity for your development team, or are already in a hosted environment but not getting the support you deserve, you’ll find the perfect managed Private Cloud solution at Bamboozle Web Services.

And there is more

Your Private Cloud is complete with everything you need to run your infrastructure. Templates, Firewall, DNS, Backup and Restore and Disaster Recovery.

Templates & Licenses

Private Cloud provides you with VM, Linux and Windows templates in the hypervisor catalogues. Due to compatibility, the templates available may vary from one hypervisor to another. Bamboozle also enables you to purchase licenses directly from your Control Panel.

Firewall & Security

Protect your VMs and Application with dedicated Firewall functionality, deploy our Load Balancing, WAF and Accelerator appliances to keep your infrastructure safe.

In-depth management of your entire infrastructure

Manage your infrastructure, activate monitoring on your VMs, detect any anomalies and easily anticipate the resources you’ll need to ensure your platform’s QoS.

One Click Backups and Restore

Your VMs are not automatically protected or backed up. Private Cloud offers you a managed backup solution to make sure that your data can be restored by activating automatic backups for your VMs!

Choose your Private Cloud

Pick your package and functionality and you are ready to go.
2 Months free of charge on annual plans. Deployment time varies by solution.

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