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Bamboozle enables innovative cloud contact center platform

Dreambox gives businesses the ability to manage customer journeys and brand interactions with advanced analytical capabilities and back-end user friendliness. When looking for the best Private Cloud to host their SAAS solution, Dreambox chose realCloud Private and went online in a record-breaking short time.

Dubai based Dreambox. is the leading platform to convert Call Centers to Lead Generating Power Houses enabling clients to enhance their customer journeys and insights. Their solution runs completely in the cloud and can be combined with existing solutions. The Dreambox cloud contact center can be deployed with ease and complements existing infrastructure to deliver calls and call handling. There is no physical infrastructure, so Dreambox clients can benefit by the cloud investment made by Dreambox.

The better SAAS platform

Bamboozle gives Dreambox a complete virtualized, yet easy to manage and maintain platform dedicated to their solution. While using Bamboozles award winnign Cloud platform, all components are absolutely private for maximum performance, security and stability. Resources can be added on the fly and the whole infrastructure scales as Dreambox needs resources for their clients which includes Heavy Weights like Souqamal.com or Chanel.

Speed matters

Bamboozle deployed Dreambox’ private cloud in a matter of days compared to weeks or months of classic IT projects and provides 24/7 support to ensure Dreambox clients can take care of their customers 24/7.

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